Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fighting for Church/State Separation in Tennessee

Brandon Jones and Tommy Coleman
In Hamilton County, Tennessee, Brandon Jones and Tommy Coleman, self described "poor college students" are suing the Hamilton County Government to stop sectarian prayers that open every legislative session in the name of Jesus. And they need to raise the funds, some $5000, to do so.  With two days to go, they are about half way there. This post is an attempt to convince you that you should contribute to their cause.

These brave young men are challenging the status quo, and they will reap the popularity such actions gain in the press and among the populous. Unfortunately, that popularity and press will be mostly negative, but this is what happens when you give a shit and fight for what's right. In my experience, the vast majority of people who live in Hamilton County and agree that their cause is just will stay quiet about it out of fear of social ostracization and physical violence.

I look at the Facebook page these guys have put up, Hamilton County for the Separation of Church and State, and I'm disappointed that they only have 191 likes. Where is the support for their efforts? Where is the atheist community and where are the bloggers on this issue? Most of what passes for atheist and Humanist blogging is irrelevant minutia. I am guilty of this myself, often enough. The more important battles for our secular rights are being fought in courtrooms, legislative sessions and election battles every day and across this nation. This is where our efforts should lie.

So I implore you to give. I know from experience that fighting these battles isn't easy and that it takes money. These guys don't have the ACLU helping them out, at least not yet. They're doing this the hard way. Find some money and send it their way. This is how we save the country: helping those in the right place and time to win one battle at a time.

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