Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Church of the End Times- An Insider's View

I wrote a small piece about the Church of the End Times in Uxbridge Massachusetts, just north of Rhode Island off Route 146 a little while back. This church, which has been called a cult by some, has been in the news for its strange beliefs and its alleged ties to a string of robberies and other crimes. After the piece ran I received a response from someone who was once a member of the church and who agreed to share some experiences. Though this person was okay with my using their real name and provided more personal detail than you might see below, I decided to protect the person's identity anyway.

These being personal reminisces and observations, it should be noted that little in the way of fact checking could be done, though I did confirm some of what was written to me. The story that follows does fit into what has been publicly revealed about the church already in the News Telegram.
I used to go to the Church of the End Times from [date withheld] to [date withheld].

I was attending a different church before that church in [location withheld]. My boyfriend at the time, [name withheld], had somehow been attracted to that church [Church of the End Times] and pretty much gave me an ultimatum; it was either I go with him to that new church or he was leaving me. At that point, I had been dating him for almost a year and trusted him. So I just left my church and went to the new church with him.

Before attending that church, I considered myself a Christian. I was attending a nondenominational church and was into the youth leader and had some really serious responsibilities, but I left all of that.

There were many reasons why I left the Church of the End Times. I would find myself constantly calling my mom, who lived in another state, crying because of how that church suppresses females. There were a few times I had planned on leaving, but the church sucks you in. They pretty much preach that without them, you're nothing. You don't have the real "truth".

There were many instances where they would preach that the woman was to practically get down on their hands and knees for anything the man in the relationship would ask for. Since [name withheld] was my boyfriend at the time, and he decided to go and hang out with the guys (David and Dennis Stanley, [name withheld] and [name withheld]), it was expected of me to have dinner ready for him [my boyfriend] no matter what time it was that he got home. There was specifically this one occasion that really upset me. I was going to school at the time, and [my boyfriend] asked me to take the day off and spend it with him so I decided to do that since I only ever want him to be happy. Well not even a half hour after I was supposed to have left for school (9:30 am) he decides to hang out with the guys and he didn't get home till 10 pm.

Throughout the day he wouldn't answer his phone or tell me where he was at, but when he came home, I was supposed to have dinner ready for him with no questions asked and bend down to his every sexual whim. I, honestly, had had enough. I was tired of not knowing where he was or if he was cheating on me because another thing the church was preaching was that if [my boyfriend] decided to cheat on me with another, it was my fault because I was unable to make him happy. I was the one who was guilty, he wasn't. There were definitely many more occasions like the one I described, I just don't want to make this email too long for you.

As for me today, I'm happily engaged to the man of my dreams and am so grateful to be out of that horrible relationship and terrible church, but it took me moving out of state in order to get away from it all.

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