Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bill O'Reilly compares Rhode Island to North Korea

I know the guy has two best selling books out right now, but if his weekly column is any indication, smug douche bag Bill O'Reilly is a worse writer than he is a news show host. In Happy Holidays, Saudi Arabia, published on January 3rd, O'Reilly continues to beat the dead horse known as the War on Christmas, saying:
With Christmas now in the rearview mirror, it is perplexing that some far left bloggers are still bemoaning the fact that Newsweek Magazine proclaimed folks who respect the traditions of the Christmas holiday "won" the battle against secular-progressives who want to diminish the birth of Jesus in the public square.
I know O'Reilly has zero credibility, but this crappy piece of uninspired dreck still managed to irk me, if for no other reason than this:
North Korea: according to reporting by, that feisty little country does not permit the celebration of Christmas - and anyone caught worshipping [sic] Jesus can be tortured or executed. Sounds like Rhode Island.
Priscilla over at NewsHounds does a pretty good job taking O'Reilly's column apart, and even manages to link to my piece at RI Future to help refute some of the misinformation contained in O'Reilly's screed.

Priscilla ends by quoting my friend Don Anderson, head of the Rhode Island State Council of Churches, who puts all of O'Reilly's stupidity concerning this "War" into proper context:
...with all of the poverty, hunger and injustice that surround us, do we really believe that Jesus would have us spend all this time and energy around what we call a tree? Do we truly think that the Jesus of the Gospels cares what we call a tree?
Rhode Island is the historic birth place of religious liberty and freedom of conscience. For O'Reilly to compare our state to North Korea, arguably the most repressive and inhuman regime on the planet, would be insulting if not for the sheer idiocy of the claim.

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  1. "Pope Bill of Ill Will" says one commentor following Priscilla of Newshound column. Venom, spite, and spittle (!!) marks this latest attack, this time on a whole state. Evidently O'Reilly is too timid to attack a big state so he's starting with a small one.

    O'Reilly is so hard up for subject matter he has to resurrent the War on Christmas, three weeks after the holiday:
    "Hey, O'Reilly, the trees have been thrown out and recycled! Maybe you should be thrown out, too--for journalistic abuses that make real 'journalists' cringe. Get over yourself, will you!!!"