Thursday, May 23, 2013

Christian Billboard in Cranston all but Unnoticed

Oddly, the group responsible for this billboard is asking this question in all seriousness.
[Providence, RI] A billboard visible from Route 10 north in Cranston Rhode Island has been bought and paid for by Christians interested in getting the word out about their religion and religious beliefs. The large billboard, emblazoned with the words "Who Is Jesus?" was erected by Christian Aid Ministries, a division of Billboard Evangelism. This is a group dedicated to spreading the Christian message to those who don't believe in God, believe in different Gods, or believe in different versions of the same God. Despite the large size of th billboard, most residents, when asked, have apparently never noticed.

"Really? I never noticed." said a woman on her way to Stop and Shop for some groceries.

"You're kidding me!" declared a produce truck driver, "I'd be very interested in a message like that, if I had seen it, I mean."

To date no protests have been scheduled, no talk radio hosts have taken the group to task for coming to our state and imposing their views on the citizenry, and no news media, other than this blog, has reported on the story even though the billboard has been up for quite some time now.

Local atheist, Steve Ahlquist, said, "So what? There's always a Christian billboard up somewhere in the state. For some reason, spending money on this kind of thing is more important to some people than feeding the hungry or sheltering the homeless."

Talk radio shock-jock John DePetro, always one to criticize out-of-state groups imposing their religious or non-religious beliefs on Rhode Islanders, has been unusually silent on the issue, saying only, "-."

There have been reports of other religiously themed billboards going up Rhode Island, but no one can be sure, since they are so commonplace no one has noticed them yet.


  1. I've driven past, noticed it but then disregarded it.

    The ones that really peeve me are those black billboards with the smarmy sayings and the in the lower right corner -God. Yeah right.

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