Friday, May 3, 2013

NOM's Sour Grapes over Marriage Equality in Rhode Island

In the New York Times, Christopher Plante, director of NOM-RI, the state's late, not-so-great "defender of traditional marriage" advocacy group said:
I don’t see momentum for redefining marriage. Rhode Island is not that big a deal. It’s a deep blue state and one of the least religious in the union, despite its high Catholic population.
Of course, that wasn't Plante's opinion in 2008 when he joined NOM, or in 2010 at the New England Family, Life and Marriage Summit, or even in 2013 as he helped put together the Faith Alliance, a coalition of local church and religious groups to oppose marriage equality and civil rights for LGBTQ citizens.

Plante's attitude reminds me of something...

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